1. If you haven't been to Arclight in the last two weeks or so, they recentlg added a 50 cent surcharge to their tickets.
    So if you're not a member, it's $17.25 + a 50 cent non-refundable service charge, whether you buy in advance or at the box office.
  2. According to Arclight, it's to discourage customers, especially those buying tickets for large parties, to refund or exchange tickets.
    By that logic, they should be charging refund or exchange fees, rather than passing this fee along to all their customers. If you're in person and you buy a ticket to a movie that's about to start, this fee is pointless.
  3. So I've decided to start tweeting to all their tweets about their Garbage Service Fee™ and they have yet to respond.
    I've responded accordingly to how they tweet their promotions/trivia.
  4. Last week, after lunch, I happened to discover their corporate offices on the walk back to my car and it was fucking crazy!
    I told the story about it shortly after at UCB and you can listen here, I'm the first one up after the host: http://goo.gl/Ztun1I (if link doesn't work, go to Feral Audio or iTunes and it's Put Your Hands Together)
  5. This may seem kinda dumb based on the small fee and already expensive ticket prices, but...
    A ticket price, in a way, is a service fee. It's a slipper slope and I really think it's a slap to everyone's face since the point of the theater isn't to cater to wealthy, but to a combination of locals and those who want to watch a movie in the best possible environment and are willing to shell a few extra bucks to do so.
  6. Lastly, there is an ongoing rumor Arclight is partially owned by Scientology. After a trip to their corporate office, there's no doubt in my mind this is true!