I missed a lot of movies this year, so please feel free to leave any recs!
  1. 1. Mad Max: Fury Road
    This movie is perfect for so many reasons: the story, the action, the themes, the cast, the looks. It succeeds on every level. It's amazing someone not named James Cameron was allowed to make a big budget studio movie with such a vision. Not to mention the first pro-matriarchy film since Marleen Gorris' Antonia's Line!
  2. 2. Inside Out
    This should get a best picture nomination to say the least. Pixar outdoes themselves, creating the most emotionally satisfying and existential film, with no villain to boot!
  3. 3. It Follows
    Takes the scene from Halloween where Michael Meyers walks across the street towards Laurie while she tries to get into the front door and makes it a whole movie! The minimalist approach leaves more questions than answers and makes for the best horror film since Cabin in the Woods.
  4. 4. Tangerine
    One of the best "LA" films ever made is also a great human comedy. This is tricky given the talent onscreen could be made to be punchlines in a lesser movie, but it's exactly the reason this is not a lesser movie. Shot entirely on iPhone 5s, which redefined DYI filmmaking in 2015.
  5. 5. Ex Machina
    Alex Garland's directorial debut feels has a cold, distant feel, but it's so involving and really well crafted. One of the more grounded takes on robots and singularity. The other being Her, my fav film of 2013!
  6. 6. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
    Not as action-oriented as its predecessors, but the first one that felt like a full blooded, standalone movie. A great story and Ethan Hunt feels like a person and Rebecca Ferguson is awesome as a British counterpart.
  7. 7. Cinderella
    What an update! Kenneth Branagh updates the story making Cinderella far less passive and the wicked stepmother with more dimensions too!