College Classes
  1. Social Economics
    I signed up for this last minute in my final semester in college. Beyond reading HuffPo, I didn't have much to intake and think about until this professor tossed No Logo and The Corporation in my lap. This class inspired me to read as much as I could about social economics (Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser was also a gamechanger).
  2. Sex, Myth, Power, and Pop Culture
    In lieu of showing rap videos and episodes of Entourage, my professor showcased mostly horror films (reading Laura Mulvey and Carol Clover as companion pieces) and dedicated a class to various music videos ranging from Heavy Metal to Dixie Chicks to At The Drive In. She introduced to me the full scope of patriarchy and misogyny, it's influence in less obvious places and also showed us some solutions. She also introduced me to Antonia's Line, one of my favorite films!
  3. World Religion
    I was 19 when I took this class and already rejected religion long before, but it made me more respectful and understanding of eastern and western religions and less of a little bratty atheist that disrespected people's POVs. I also re-watched Magnolia a lot around this time and this combination of class and film reshaped my own personal beliefs.
  4. Television Writing
    Up until this class, I was terrified of writing a spec pilot, and while the class was geared towards spec episodes, my professor always took time to address any questions I had about writing a pilot and gave me notes to my work. She also introduced me to some staff writers that gave me the same courtesy. This class also kind of pushed me into pursuing stand-up, for which I am eternally grateful.