When comedy didn't pay the bills.
  1. Movie Theater
    My first job ever, while I was in high school. Technically, not a "day job," but watching anything and everything that came out before everyone else saw it was the best. Not to mention, I got to build film prints, which is an almost non-existent at this point.
  2. Script Coverage
    The best way to learn storytelling. This is a position now relegated to interns and assistants, but I loved reading screenplays on such an invested level. It taught me so much of not to do and how to stand out when writing.
  3. Case Manager for uninsured people
    As a comedian, this is one of the best day jobs you can have. Not because of material (in fact, I have only ever written one bit about working in healthcare, ever), but because this is humanity at its best and worst. You meet people are dealing with a sudden life changing event, or are already coping with something heavy. Watching them and also learning to interact with people on a day to day basis changes your whole scope on a personal and professional level.
  4. ER Patient Services
    In college, I did this and was the gateway for the previous job. It's intense, but also relative (in other words, watching how the staff made jokes with each other about our surroundings was to disconnect, not to be mean).
  5. Best Buy
    Great discounts, at the time, and easy.
  6. PA (various)
    Always fun to have been on sets, but depending on the type of work, hours, and who you were working with, it could be the worst, especially for the pay.
  7. MRI Center
    Boring, but it was flexible for stand-up purposes.
  8. Chili's
    Being a server or bartender sucks, but it's even worse at chains. This was in San Diego and it was good money cause of the area. Not because people left good tips, but there was enough turnaround to make a decent buck amongst cheapies. Co-workers at these jobs, not to mention bosses, can make even the shortest shifts feel like a lifetime. Unlike my jobs in healthcare, this is just humanity at its worst.