I missed the farewell to Phil Blankenship's amazing run at Cinefamily! I have been attending his midnights since the New Bev days. Here are some highlights from them! I am leaving out A LOT!
  1. Phil Blankenship
    We've only exchanged a few sentences in my 7+ years of rep cinema attendance, because I mostly keep to myself at New Bev and Cinefamily. That said, Phil is a super sweet guy (a close friend talks to him a lot) and his programming and dedication to finding prints of awesome films is amazing. And he has the most crucial kind of love for this thing: sincerity. He loves it all, there's no time for irony!
  2. Programming
    Listed below are some highlights from years of attending!
  3. Road House
    He programmed it at New Bev in 2009 and Cinefamily in 2012 and both times - to see it with a crowd - is really the only way such a gem should be seen!
  4. Dolph Lungeren Marathon
    I missed Red Scorpion and Universal Soldier, but watch Rocky IV w/a sold out audience, Dolph as The Punisher, and I Come in Peace. Each one better than the previous one, in terms of seeing it w/an audience!
  5. The Wraith
    First midnight I attended at New Bev! Sci-Fi revenge flick: Charlie Sheen is killed by a gang and returns as a Wraith and kills 'em all with a car that would make Knight Rider quake in its tires.
  6. Heavenly Bodies
  7. Slumber Party Massacre
  8. Sorority House Massacre
  9. After Hours
  10. Hackers
  11. Madman
  12. The Sentinel
  13. Death Promise
  14. They Live
  15. Cool as Ice