1. Open mic
    UCB Franklin: April 2009
  2. Job
    AMC Coral Ridge 10: April 2001. Started as an usher, then concession/box office, then projectionist.
  3. Kiss
    My twelfth birthday party, with my gf behind the building clubhouse while everyone was in the pool.
  4. Girlfriend
    5th grade. She came from a single father household, I came from a single mother household. We were together for a month and the one time we ever held hands shook the rest of our class to its core.
  5. Booked show
    What's Up Tiger Lily? at Hollywood Bar & Grill. I had to follow a Nick Kroll drop-in and go up before Whitney Cummings (who was running jokes for the Roast of Joan Rivers). TJ Miller hosted.
  6. Time on a plane
    8 years old: from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles to visit my grandparents.
  7. Heartbreak
    2009, first long-term relationship. It led to my first open mic.
  8. Time
    16, with my gf.
  9. Car
    1990 Ford Mustang, 4 cylinder convertible. AC didn't work, the convertible roof had a rip so when it rained, the backseat got soaked and all the red seat covers faded to hot pink as a result. Also, everyone thought it was a 5.0 so a lot of people tried to race me at red lights.
  10. Orgasm
    Don't remember. Was probably great though!