A lot of complaints of movie franchises being lackluster this year. There were a few that were handled with such care though, so here they are:
  1. Mission Impossible 5
    All up in my top 10 for this year! Tom Cruise has never been better and neither has this franchise. I thought the series peaked at Ghost Protocol and all its spectacle, but then this full-blooded movie comes along and had me from the opening sequence!
  2. Creed
    Holyfuckingshit this movie! Stallone better get a supporting actor nomination, at least! This is in my top ten of the year. Ryan Coogler takes care of the Rocky legacy, elevates the underdog story, and makes compelling characters. (Tessa Thompson!!)
  3. Jurassic World
    The best once since the original? Try the best one. I was never a big fan of this series. Maybe it was because of being on tour all summer and this served it's actual purpose: escapist entertainment. It succeeded wildly as a throwback and it's own movie.