1. Jake Weisman and I had a podcast before podcasts were a thing.
    For reference, WTF wasn't even at 100 eps when we started ours, You Made It Weird was a year and a half away from premiering.
  2. Harris reached out to me by email about doing the show.
  3. This was the 26th episode.
  4. It was the most awkward episode until Eric Andre came on a little over a year later.
  5. But if you knew Harris, it was going to be awkward.
  6. Until it wasn't.
  7. That was the beauty of his style, he could slip past defenses and make something funny.
  8. Listen to any Harris' Foam Corner on CBB and you'll see that every time.
  9. He was a writer, stand-up, musician, and actor, all by 30.
  10. I'm sad we won't get to see what he would have done by 40, 50, and so on.
  11. "I just think motherfuckers just wanna laugh" - Harris Wittels