How I End Up on Dates, Ranked

  1. 1. Meeting in person.
    This is still the best way, usually meeting via mutual friends/acquaintances, being part of the same scene, and once in awhile at a show (this one is a bit more rare, a personal choice), since you can gauge the temp and feelings pretty quickly and know more about their sensibilities. Chances are, if they're in the same biz or close to the same biz, it lessens the anxiety.
  2. 2. Social Media (primarily Twitter)
    Not random strangers in the classic sense, but people you meet via Twitter or FB cause you have the same mutual friends and it's the closest you can get to knowing them without having met them.
  3. 3. Dating Apps
    My least favorite, but I know its place in the dating world and I've had as many good dates as bad ones.
  4. 4. IMDB Message Boards
    JK, everyone on there is probs gonna die alone or in a loveless marriage.