I don't need ear plugs anymore, but in my last apt, I needed them. Regular ear plugs hurt my ear and a friend taught me how to make these at home. Much more comfortable and fit more snug, drowning out more noise.
  1. You need cotton and saran wrap.
    I'm actually out of saran wrap, so just for the example pics, I used the plastic bags for produce at grocery stores (which actually worked, so maybe try it?)
  2. Tear a small piece of cotton and roll it like you would dough, but for the size of your ear.
  3. Tear a small piece of saran wrap and put the cotton ball in the center
  4. Fold the saran wrap in half, over the cotton ball and then twist the end.
  5. Stick it in your ear. If it's too big or small, adjust accordingly with more or less cotton. It's trial and error the first two or three times.
    Looks like live action version of the animated sperm they showed you in sex ed
  6. Snip the tail off it with a pair of scissors, leaving just enough room to pull them out.
  7. Goodnight!