1. Even when we know what we're doing, we don't truly know what we're doing.
    That's the beauty of it all. The luck you make takes you to a certain point. The rest is out of your hands and then you're at the mercy of coincidence or chance. It's amazing our brains can trick us into being more comfortable than we should be.
  2. The fact that cookie dough should not be consumed raw and is unhealthy is proof this is all a cosmic joke.
  3. The American Dream left a lot of people in debt and people who think those consumers only have themselves to blame are more naive than those that were duped.
    The internet and the art of self reliance have only been available to the working class for on a mass level for the last decade. Before that, anything from extended warranties to investment opportunities took months or years to vet. All it took was a few minutes for some salesmen to fuck people over who didn't know any better.
  4. If an issue is getting louder or being talked about "too much," it's because that voice was silenced or ignored for too long.
    See: feminism, race, the NRA
  5. If you love hard, you're gonna hurt even harder.
  6. Being alone and being lonely aren't the same thing, but people often confuse the two.
  7. Our brains and our hearts don't always have our best interests.
  8. No matter how removed from a situation someone is, nothing will ever be objective, except for objects.
    Subjectivity is beautiful are terrifying.
  9. It's always the most chaotic before the biggest changes.
    Now, more than ever, we are gearing up for big changes.
  10. Monogamy and Polyamory have great ideas and terrible execution.
    And everyone should be able to do what the fuck they want, just not at the expense of others.