Pass = 👍🏻 Fail = 👎🏻
  1. Bully: Pass
    Larry Clark's best movie that Roger Ebert called "a masterpiece on its own terms" and it's true. Regardless how you feel about Clark himself, he submerges the viewer into the world and I think what people miss is that he's as disgusted by it as we are. Brilliant acting across the board, the bravest by Rachel Miner and Brad Renfro. It's not something that warrants more than one viewing, but it should be viewed once.
  2. Alpha Dog: Fail
    Too glossy and too cool, there are some interesting moments, but the polish of not just the movie, but the actors themselves (even Sharon Stone is weight gaining prosthetics) just makes this feel like an R-rated after school special.
  3. Spring Breakers: Pass
    A divisive piece of work that's labeled as either feminist or misogynist and I think it has elements of both. But it also has a point of view and the movie is, in the words of Taylor Swift, a (neon) nightmare dressed as a daydream. It's a movie that fuses reality and dreams/nightmares to make its point. It's got a flawed narrative, but as mainstream as a Harmony Korine movie can get.
  4. The Bling Ring: Fail
    It's a little too on the nose and what stylization is there is not unique. I was surprised Sofia Coppola made this! It's boring and the message of selfie culture, social media narcissism, etc was already dated in 2013. Or maybe just not interesting or cutting enough about it.
  5. Kids: Pass
    Larry Clark's first movie has some powerful stuff, but its morality take on AIDS is surprisingly pedestrian. I was too young when this came out to correlate then vs now, but its slice of life was a precursor to Bully that is in some ways scarier, since NYC is much less forgiving than the strip malls and beaches of the South Florida tale.
  6. The Doom Generation: Fail
    It's just gross and reprehensible in the worst way: shock value masked as artistic statement. Greg Araki's stuff, with the exception of the beautiful Mysterious Skin, is mostly littered with this kinda integrity in my opinion.
  7. Bang Gang: Pass
    Almost doesn't work, but it's interesting enough. Of the new batch of this genre that examines sex and consequence (or lack thereof for some) circa 2010s without being preachy about it. Also, as a movie about sex, it's not afraid of it or being censored and it's also a subject handled with care.
  8. The Rules of Attraction: Pass
    I loved this in college, but it doesn't hold up as well now. But it hits more than it misses and maybe should have been made closer to the time of its source material. Still, it's well made and has some standalone stuff (Victor's Europe trip) that hasn't been done before or since.
  9. White Girl: TBD
    Missed it while it was in theaters.