1. Getting a knife pulled on me
    Open mic in East LA. Specifically, a pizza place in Alhambra, May 2011. I had a joke at the time about homoeroticism in the movie 300 and a drunk heckler got up to say I was wrong. After I questioned his sexuality, the audience laughed, and he pulled a switchblade and jokingly jabbed it towards me, only 7ft away max. Hasan Minhaj (now an awesome Daily Show correspondent) went up after me and was called terrible, racist things and handled it with grace and humility.
  2. Cheyenne, WY
    Last min show that got booked at a full-on cowboy bar. The majority of the audience was not pleased that gay marriage was legal, and I was convinced my words could have had physical consequences on my well being. The amount of sober and drunk heckling was even more intense because they were in solidarity with each other over their behavior.
  3. Make Music Pasadena
    Music fest, 2011. I performed between two bands in a gazebo. In the middle of my first joke, upon saying "shit," the promoter yelled "no cursing!" which forced me to mime half my set and jokingly censor myself. Well received by some, abhorred by others, mostly met with indifference.
  4. U-31
    A bar in San Diego in early 2010. The show was packed (150 at least) and none of them came for comedy. I noticed a cell light up near the back and asked if that was "the light" to get off stage. It wasn't, but when the audience figured out the lighting system, they all lit their phones at me (and every other comic) until I got off stage.