I've had the busiest couple of months and it's been a lot easier to listen to podcasts while working/driving/etc than it is to watch or read stuff. Fresh Air has had some of the best, compacted episodes with a lot of important things leading up to, and since, the Inauguration. All episodes on the Fresh Air podcast.
  1. The Unbanking of America
    Lisa Servon, author of this book, worked at a Bronx check cashing store and at a Payday Lender in Oakland, debunking a lot of myth and perception regarding the former, while highlighting what our fucked economy has done that led to the latter. She also addresses financial deregulation and what it could mean if Trump gets his way and, IMO, could lead to a recession real fast.
  2. Survival of the Richest
    Evan Osnos wrote this article in the New Yorker and discusses it with Terry. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are converting to survivalists. But their rationale isn't that we're going to be nuked so much as slow social collapse due to class divide. As a result, a nuclear shelter in the midwest has been converted to luxury condo complex and movies about dystopian futures are closer to becoming a reality.
  3. Nakedly Unconstitutional
    Obama and W's ethics lawyers have teamed up to take on Trump's numerous ethical violations and the danger/implications of his business practices while in office. I'm hoping it's not a question of if he'll be impeached, but when.
  4. Systemic Segregation of Schools
    Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones discusses school segregation and how the north (in the past) and liberal parents (now) are just as responsible for systemic (and legal) segregation in the school system, which creates class/racial divide, even in Elementary Schools!