Places I frequented in LA that closed and I miss dearly
  1. Poquito Mas - Sunset
    This just happened in the last week. Sure, there are other ones scattered around the city, but that PM had everything you could want in a Sunset Strip establishment: good food, a parking lot that didn't require validation, and I saw Weird Al there once.
  2. Coach and Horses
    Now known as The Pikey. It was down the street from my apt and even after I stopped drinking, I would go there cause it was the closest you got to a neighborhood bar in WeHo. Supposedly, Samuel French did everything in their power to get rid of the place for years and finally succeeded.
  3. Rocket Video
    I acquired a membership here almost immediately after I moved here cause of their awesome selection of both TV and film. I always budgeted time to browse because I just loved going through their titles and how they arranged them. One of my first booked stand-up shows in town was here, which made the place 1000 times more special than it already was to me. Streaming is convenient, but driving to a store and picking something is just more... human.
  4. White Horse Bar
    I went here for the first time as a nightcap on a date years ago at my date's suggestion, and it felt like she let me in on a secret. Days later, upon telling a bunch of other comics about this place, I found out I was just a huge loser out of the loop. A Hungarian lady ran this place with her son, giving out free hot dogs and store brand oreos for free every night. If this was still open, UCB sunset crowds would have kept business booming.
  5. Westwood Brewing Company
    aka Brewco. This one is strictly stand-up related. There were open mics and booked shows here almost 7 days a week. If you were in the scene from the early 90s up until two years ago, you probably went up here. It was one of the most brutal, inconveniently located places for comedians to go, but that's why you went: to bomb in front of other comics or kill if a college crowd wandered in on a Friday night, making it one of the only mics where you could do legit crowd work.
  6. Regency Fairfax Theater
    A second run movie theater on Beverly & Fairfax that also had a good midnight rep series. With New Bev, Cinefamily, and even The Grove close by, this place never stood a chance. It was just nice that it was there as another option. Once, walking out of the theater, a group of kids in a car drove by and shot paintballs at me and a friend. I texted my girlfriend at the time that I had been shot, forgetting the paintball part, giving her the world's shortest panic attack.