It recently occurred to me I've seen his entire filmography and though most of it is tough to sit through, there were a few that I like and want to revisit. Also, this doesn't include the Benghazi movie.
  1. The Rock
    A perfect summer action movie, rated R with zero concern of appealing to teens. Connery and Cage were at their most Connery and Cage-y. Super fun!
  2. Transformers
    A fun take on the boy & his dog formula and until the last act, doesn't really feel like a Michael Bay movie.
  3. The Island
    An underrated sci-fi film, one of his better works that has some effective moments, especially with the late Michael Clarke Duncan.
  4. Bad Boys II
    This movie is pure lunacy, you wonder for a moment if you're watching some self-aware auteur shit. But, it's not and it's 2.5 hours of pure disbelief.
  5. Bad Boys
    Fun, by the numbers and more a showcase for Smith and Lawrence.
  6. Armageddon
    The beginning of Bay's signature style started here, with some help from Aerosmith.
  7. Pain & Gain
    The closest we'll get to a Michael Bay indie film. It's a dark comedy about the American Dream and it's vile in and the bad outweighs the good.
  8. Pearl Harbor
    Three hours. Three. Hours.
  9. Transformers 2-4
    Seen one, seen 'em all.