1. Garden State
    For its first two years of life, this movie connected with people on a spiritual level and the soundtrack changed the game for the Hotel Cafe scene. About 3 years after its release, people started hating HARD and has become a punchline to many, though it still has an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and a similar score on Flixster.
  2. Juno
    Another movie with a similar trajectory of whimsy and music, though the backlash came much sooner and was more unfair, because people were attacking Diablo Cody and not Jason Reitman for a variety of reasons. It's a good movie, maybe we were just so used to mediocre comedies at the time, that when a good one came along, it got too much hype?
  3. Avatar
    James Cameron's follow up to Titanic did not disappoint, neither at the box office or critically, but then as time went on, the haters started to emerge. Now, few people talk about with the same admiration of Cameron's filmography up to that point.
  4. Crash - 2005
    A movie that received high critical praise and a good box office run, it got Best Picture over Brokeback Mountain upsetting many. It also just doesn't hold up. It's view of racism is almost cartoony compared to other films and its "everyone is a perpetrator and a victim" approach is somewhat forced.
  5. With the exception of Avatar, most movies that have a backlash off of a debut usually happens when the filmmakers either follow up with a dud or never make anything again.