1. Holychild - The Future of Brat Pop to Come
    Apprently, this is called "brat pop" and I fucking love it!
  2. Pvris - White Noise (Album)
    Great album and band I'm most excited to see in between my sets at Warped Tour this summer.
  3. The Weeknd - The Hills
    Sounds like a cross between something on Echoes of Silence and Kiss Land.
  4. Cartel - Chroma (Album)
    I just went to the 10 year anniversary show for this album and it reminded me how perfect this album is start to finish.
  5. Acceptance - Phantoms (Album)
    They just got back together and this is important on a global level
  6. Miguel - Coffee
    First Name: Vulnerable, Middle: As, Last: Fuck
  7. Carly Rae Jepsen - All That
    Welcome back Carly!