1. Nirvana - Lounge Act
    I'm surprised this was never an official radio single, it's not Smells Like Teen Spirit perfect, but it's damn close!
  2. Green Day - Coming Clean
    Clocking in at two minutes, I can seriously loop this song for 6 or 7 listens. And for the past 20 years, I have!
  3. Michael Jackson - P.Y.T.
    There is no wrong answer when picking a favorite MJ song.
  4. Blink-182 - Josie
    One of my favorite aspects of Blink and other Pop Punk contemporaries of the late 90s and even early 00s is there songs were never rooted in misogyny or homophobia. I love that this song is catchy and about how great a girlfriend can be.
  5. Drake - Marvin's Room
    A vulnerable drunk dial in the form of a song?! I still feel like I'm gonna get dumped when I listen to this song, even if I'm single! Powerful.
  6. Kanye West - Monster
    Ugghhh, honestly I should just put every track from My Dark Twisted Fantasy in a 13-way tie cause this album is such a journey. But this is one of those songs that is undeniable for everyone involved.
  7. Kid Cudi - Mr. Rager
    His Man on the Moon albums have so many choices, but I always make it a point to skip to this one if I can't finish the album.
  8. New Found Glory - All About Her
    Picking a favorite from two very important albums for me. I have to move on to the next one before I spend all day going through different choices (such as Understatement, Forget My Name, or Sincerely Me... Okay, I'll stop!)
  9. Nicki Minaj - Buy a Heart
    When this queen gets vulnerable, I'm putty in her lyrical hands.
  10. Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness
    Again, perfect album, so many other choices and I just have to move on before I try to justify other songs off Bleed American or Futures.
  11. John Mayer - My Stupid Mouth
    Story of my life! Inside Wants Out took up a lot of my CD player's real estate in college. And this song was the MVP of a short, but great album!
  12. Imogen Heap - Headlock
    Speak for Yourself is still ahead of its time, we're so lucky to have such an album with a perfect opening number!
  13. Foo Fighters - Up in Arms
    The Colour and The Shape gets better with age. So many good singles, but also so many good non-singles, such as this one!
  14. The Weeknd - Lonely Star
    The song that roped me in before Trilogy was Trilogy. Thursday, the middle section, is the most underrated of them. Gone almost replaced this. Go listen to the whole thing right now before his new album is released!
  15. Frank Ocean - Swim Good
    NostalgiaUltra was so good and a lot of the world didn't get ahold of it until after Channel Orange. This album is a reminder why he is so successful, and this song will be on a Greatest Hits without having ever been on the radio.
  16. Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
    There's an amazing video of Kathleen Hannah performing this during a storytelling show where she also partially covers Smells Like Teen Spirit. Seek out on YouTube and see another perfect take on an already perfect song.