1. Jon & Vinny's
    Atmosphere and the chicken parm = the best! Though small plates restaurants are getting on my nerves. I'm a picky eater and Veruca Salt-like in my culinary selfishness. Let me do me and you do you!
  2. Museum of Broken Relationships
    Just visited, debating on possibly donating what I haven't thrown out. Such a unique place that is as cathartic as it is fascinating. I think every metropolitan city should have this.
  3. Sundance Cinemas
    Though they don't get everything Arclight does, and the projection isn't as impressive, but the ambience is better and the audience is more well behaved. Sadly, the latter is what I look for the most when seeing a movie these days.
  4. The Carving Board
    Best friggin' sandwiches and best friggin' desserts. Everything is fresh and well made and probably one of the only LA places I've been to that feels like a small town neighborhood joint.