I stopped at Toy Story 3. Feel free to add on to ones already posted or create ones for the most recent films.
  1. Toy Story
    Andy breaks his legs and spends the summer bedridden with only his toys to keep him company. Two of them, Woody and Buzz, come to life and try to kill him.
  2. A Bug's Life
    An everyman employee at S.C. Johnson creates Raid, a revolutionary new pesticide. You don't get to the too without making a few enemies.
  3. Toy Story 2
    After surviving the first ordeal, Woody and Buzz are back to finish what they started and they brought along a new friend: a Good Guy doll named Chucky.
  4. Monsters, Inc.
    A biopic on the CEO of Uber
  5. Finding Nemo
    Marlin's son Nemo has been missing for 23 years. He enlists the help of Dory, a cold case PI with haunting visions.
  6. The Incredibles
    A searing courtroom drama about a father that takes the fall for his family of vigilantes.
  7. Cars
    An ensemble about a used car dealership on its final day of business. Hearts break, sales are lost, and the American Dream is redefined.
  8. Ratatouille
    A drug cartel tries to flush out a rat in their group, only to find out it may be their top meth chef.
  9. Wall-E
    A shot for shot remake of the original.
  10. Up
    After everyone on an airplane mysteriously dies, a widower and a young stowaway are the only survivors and they have to make an emergency landing in uncharted territory where the rules don't apply.
  11. Toy Story 3
    Woody, Buzz, and Chucky are dead. Until their alien master brings them back to life and he joins them with trying to bring down Andy once and for all with ultimate weapon: The Claw.