If you're ever stuck in Ft. Lauderdale for a few days, like me, try these places out!
  1. Tee Jay Thai Sushi
    Sushi and thai food and both sides are incredible! They have unique rolls, everything is fresh, and they have a dessert called thai donuts that I've ordered to go 3 times separately.
  2. The Whole Enchilada
    Mexican joint with a mahi-mahi burrito that has an orgasmic cilantro dressing. My mother, who rarely dines out, is even more obsessed than me.
  3. Mom's Kitchen
    Mom n' Pop diner that only serves breakfast and lunch. The servers split out the tips at the end of the day so everyone waits on you and they do it with gusto! And of course, all the breakfast stuff is awesome!
  4. PDQ
    This is a chain, I believe regionally. They hybrid casual dining with fast food. Chicken tenders are perfectly fried, not overly breaded, and the turkey burgers are really fresh.
  5. Zona Fresca
    Another Mexican joint. When I was in high school (10+ years ago) there was only one. Since returning for this extended break, there are now 12. Their ingredients are fresh as fuck and not overly stuffed with rice to compensate like most places.
  6. Village Grille
    Strictly a brunch recommendation from personal experience, though across the board (Yelp, friends, etc.) this beachfront place is highly recommended.