1. On Board With: Fifth Harmony
    Fun. Genuinely fun. Female-driven pop groups haven't had their moment the way boy bands have since The Spice Girls. Fifth Harmony are more than worthy successors.
  2. Bored With: Meghan Trainor
    Everything she releases feels forced and disingenuous and also, she feels like a female chauvinist.
  3. On Board With: Ariana Grande
    Three solid pop albums. Her new album has two GOATs: Greedy and Into You.
  4. Bored With: EDM artists featuring Singers
    Turn up the BPMs, bring in a famous or on-the-cusp singer you should know, and you've got me 😴😴😴
  5. On Board With: Alessia Cara
    I wasn't crazy about Here, but Wild Things and a lot of other songs on her album are 💯
  6. Bored With: Selena Gomez
    I can't ever get into her stuff. It all feels like a musical first draft. Kill Em with Kindness? Ooof!