I've been busy in a good way, so I haven't committed to any new TV yet. But here are some movies and music I snuck into my life amongst the chaos.
  1. The Love Witch
    I didn't see it this week, but it just went into wider release. Shot on 35mm and designed to look like late 60s exploitation with a feminist spin on it. Anna Biller wrote, directed, photographed, edited, and designed the movie. A passion project to say the least. Perfectly cast with a lead that will unfortunately be ignored during award season, I really hope people see how layered Samantha Robinson's performance is. See this!! (A few theaters are actually showing it in 35mm!)
  2. Elle
    Paul Verhoeven's best movie since Robocop. Isabelle Huppert will not be ignored during award season, but this movie might be since it's a bit challenging. It also deals with its subject matter with a lot of truth and dark comedy. Huppert play the eponymous lead, she's sexually assaulted at home and after processing it, begins an interesting journey with her assaulter and with the people around her. The way Verhoeven juggles all the storylines and wraps them up is incredible.
    PND is like a grungier version of The Weeknd. The music is good and he's got a great voice, but everything's steeped in a slightly thicker haze excess (The Weeknd is a bit more refined). It's not as good as his second album, he gets a bit in his own way with some tracks being too long, but I still liked it a lot.