Stuff You Should Consume This Week

  1. Atlanta
    I am missing the binge component in my DNA for some reason, but I did it with the first four episodes of the show. It's so well done on every level: writing, directing, acting, and it's very unique sense of humor and cultural commentary. Favorite line, after someone tells a character he made up the term breakfast coffee: "everything is made up, stay woke!" Also, the Justin Bieber episode was incredible, and they made a specific choice that makes it work even better!
  2. The Weeknd - False Alarm
    Another week, another gem! His output runs the danger of being repetitive, considering his lyrical content doesn't change much, but he's musically evolving and this isn't as good as Starboy, but still really good!
  3. Horror Movies
    It's been a great couple of years for Horror Movies, on both arthouse and mainstream levels. Or go watch a classic! 31 Horror Movies to Watch This Month