Stuff You Should Consume This Week

  1. The Weeknd - Starboy
    In 2016, we get new albums from Rihanna, Kanye, Frank, and now The Weeknd! This is already one of my favs of his and it sounds like a new direction I'm hoping the rest of the album follows.
  2. The Good Place
    The network sitcom isn't dead, but streaming services have made the model feel a bit dated. Yet, here is a self-aware show (without being too clever about it) that is fantastic right outta the gate.
  3. De Palma
    I missed this on my documentaries list and watched it on a plane a few nights ago. It's a two hour interview with an influential director that puts his own influences right on the screen. The interview follows him from his beginnings to now intercut with clips from the movies. It's a look at a brilliant filmmaker and if you step back, a look at the evolution of the industry and why films, good or bad, are almost impossible to get made.
  4. You Made It Weird with Bo Burnham
    It's a long episode, but it zips by. Just the first hour covers a lot. Bo articulates a lot if good stuff about the internet, how certain aspects of it are failing us. But what makes the convo interesting is the chicken or the egg dialogue about the evolution of the internet making the problems or vice versa, among many other great topics.