1. Grandmother and Grandfather fled Europe near the end of WWII to Argentina.
    My grandmother had to cut her hair short and wear mud on her face to blend in with teenage boys, while my grandfather lost 2 of his brothers in combat.
  2. Mom was born in Argentina, moved to Venezuela with her bf at the time, where my sister was born. She then moved to California, followed by South Florida.
  3. My dad was born to middle-class Jewish parents, was drafted into Vietnam where a grenade gave him shrapnel that could never be removed. Also 99.7% of his sperm count was killed.
    Repeat: he had .03% of his cum that was still valid and I was in that narrow demographic
  4. My dad was raised in Los Angeles, and alternated between there and South Florida, where he met my mom.
    I'm not too familiar with the lineage of that family since he died when I was 3 and was close to my mom's side of the family. I recently found out that he worked as a distributor for oil at some point and was a stunt man for a television show, though not sure which one since it's not on IMDB.
  5. When I was born, due to his low sperm count, his side of the family didn't believe he was the father of the baby and had to take a paternity test.
    Which is part of the reason, later on, I didn't try to reconnect with certain people. Big ups to my mom!
  6. Some days, I feel an insane amount of responsibility to live my best life, given the fact that I was given a small chance to be conceived. It used to overwhelm me with pressure/some weird version of survivor's guilt.
  7. But most days, I feel I owe it more to my mom, who worked two jobs to raise two kids, and my sister, who is ten years older than me and had to clock in for parental duties when mom couldn't.