1. Post stories or address things sincerely.
    Comedians have a weird obligation on social media to keep their posts funny and sincerity only happens if a milestone is reached (TV appearances, etc). I also think that most other platforms have gone off the rails and when others get personal on them, it feels hollow, or as a way to show they are doing better than they are, socially and emotionally (celebs not included, since there's a weird obligation there too). Anyway, I feel good about being sincere or posting stories here.
  2. Engage in conversation/comment on things.
    On Twitter, there's too much trolling and on FB, the conversation has turned into essays that are exhausting and all of them seem to devolve into real nasty discussions where the point is kind of lost. Here, I feel like the conversations are handled with respect, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with each other. I've only had to block two people on here.
  3. Big ups li.st