1. Sweet & Low
    I drink iced tea. Aside from water, this where I get my caffeine and it's delicious. I only put Sweet & Low in it. Unfortunately, Los Angeles and other cities are taking them out of establishments, so I always have many-a-packets in my car just in case. And yes, I'll take them in with me to Coffee Bean, Swinger's, and Le Pain Qiotidien. PS, the difference in sweeteners is negligible. Equal is way worse and everyone still carries it.
  2. If I can make it, I probably won't order it
    If it's something that is hard to make or takes too much time, that's what I order out: sushi being the biggest one. But Mexican food falls under this, even quesadillas or nachos. I feel like I either overcook/overheat it, or it just falls apart before I even reach in to take a piece. But pasta, for example, is something I can make easily. There are exceptions, of course!
  3. Moviegoing
    If I can, I try to go see a movie alone once in awhile. Specifically, new movies. Rep showings are better with friends. But going spontaneously on solo missions to something at Arclight is spiritual.
  4. If I can help it, I eat after a set
    I generally don't like to eat before sets. If it's a really late show or it's just bad timing, then I have to. And with few exceptions, it's not nerves. A good meal after a good set is a reward. A good meal after a bad set is a consolation.
  5. Places I can clear my head at just by being there
    Amoeba - Even if I leave empty-handed (which happens once in awhile), just browsing dvds arranged by filmmaker or looking through the bargain section for albums I owned years ago just levels me out. Korean Spas - steam rooms and jacuzzis always relax me. It's not where I go to unwrap creatively, but to literally just reboot and stay away from my phone or my thoughts. Bonus: it's a great place to hang with your significant other in the co-ed section. Laurel Canyon-Mulholland/Outpost - best drive!