1. Horoscopes
    I do believe in the concept of energies to a degree, but I feel like horoscopes have evolved to people using it as a scapegoat for their behavior (stubbornness, being antisocial, or "telling it like it is"). Oh you're a Leo, so that's why you're rough around the edges and nothing else up until now has informed your behavior? Snooze! Sorry, it's nature and nurture bb!
  2. Fate
    To me, the concept of what's meant to be is white privilege at its finest. People only use it relatively, when the concept should be absolute ie two people falling in love is meant to be, but doesn't apply to those resigned to third world lives. It's also insulting to hard work or things that are meant to be learning experiences. At best, we're meant to do things, not be them.
  3. Religion
    I understand why people embrace religion. It's embedded in a lot us at an early age, which makes it harder to shake down the line. Also, it has a narrative structure with which people base their moral compass on. It has it's ups and downs as a result because people behave in loopholes. That said, by design, it's built on too many contradictions for me to take that kind of faith on such a blind level. That said, I think atheists are as obnoxious as religious people sometimes.
  4. Third Party Candidacy
    I get its existence and I don't think it should go away, but I also think, since most 3rd parties are libertarian, that libertarian is a concept that only exists in idea form and could never be fully executed. Also, Gov Gary Johnson is a human dial tone and sure, a lot of people don't know what Aleppo is, but a lot of people aren't running for prez ✌🏻️