I left mid-June, came back at the end of August. A lot changed. A lot stayed the same. Did I miss anything?
  1. The French Quarter
    Reliable WeHo restaurant that is purportedly remodeling to include a bar, though web research has conflicting reports. Inside, the restaurant was surrounded by many shops and it felt like this had a good run in the 90s and everything but the restaurant was in denial from 2000-2015
  2. Eat Well
    Casual dining spot in WeHo that was great until about 2013. I went a bunch 2014-2015 and it got worse every visit. Thankfully, it's absence keeps from the "well it's close by" mentality that kept me going long after I should have stopped.
  3. Haywood Grilled Cheese
    Silverlake spot that I never got to go to, but many-a-friends recommended. It's now The Alfred, the coffee shop all the cool kids used to go to on Melrose Place. Honestly, another Melrose Place reboot just include this coffee shop please!
  4. House of Blues
    Part of the Sunset Strip corporate takeover of hotels/clubs they are building booted this out. Ot was supposed to close in two years, but somehow they sped it up to early August. I had the honor of opening for one of my favorite bands here before they closed.
  5. Poquito Mas
    On Sunset, closed in May, but still devastating to this date.