1. When a white comic tries to use an incendiary word and it doesn't go over well.
    It's usually a newer comedian and thankfully, I only witnessed it at open mics, but a lot of them try to use a racial slur or try to make a rape joke and the room gets uncomfortable and I get equally anxious, angry, and impatient watching this.
  2. Upon revealing I'm a comedian, that person asking me to tell a joke, or asking what kind of comedy I do on stage.
    Even worse, which comics I'd compare myself to. It's weird and talking your way out of it is lame.
  3. Restaurants that don't carry Sweet & Low
    Even worse if they still carry Equal. I love iced tea more than most coffee lovers love coffee. But I need S&L or it's just not right.
  4. Uberpools and Lyft Lines
    Only once was I in one where everyone was vibing. Every other time, it's been long, uncomfortably silent rides.
  5. Cumming.