1. Dredd
    This has a similar plot to The Raid, but this is way better. It's a contained story with a great premise and doesn't really mis-step. Karl Urban IS the judge.
  2. Blade II
    Even though it's the most successful/well-received of the trilogy, it still feels like everyone didn't give it the due it deserved. Guillermo Del Toro made vampires that feed on vampires nastier than anyone could have imagined and the story of their creation and vampire culture is actually interesting.
  3. X-Men: First Class
    Matthew Vaughn made the X-Men origin film we needed. Again, this did well, but seems people forgot about it since (the superior) Days of Future Past followed it. It's the most human of all the mutant stories and co-opting real history as part of the storyline was great.
  4. Hellboy/Hellboy II
    Guillermo Del Toro, you did it again you bastard! Spectacular visuals and interesting stories for both movies.
  5. Batman & Robin