That are better or on par with the original
  1. Let Me In
    Neither is better than the other, they are both unique and beautiful in their own way. Even the author is on record saying how lucky he is that both takes on his novel were great movies. I think Let Me In was too soon, but it is the definition of a truly underrated movie.
  2. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
    I actually prefer the Abel Ferrara version, but this is movie is still absurdly brilliant in its own way. It's about morality without religious overtones and it also serves as a reminder of the power of Nicolas Cage when he isn't taking on projects to avoid bankruptcy.
  3. The Wicker Man
    Okay, this is not a good movie and practically contradicts my previous statement about Cage, but it's a spectacular disaster includes Cage knocking out someone in a bear costume.
  4. The Thing
    A little monster movie remade into a horror movie that holds up by even by today's standards with a more ambiguous and somewhat nihilistic ending even by today's standards.
  5. The Departed
    The original is good, but a shorter, more compact film. Remake was more epic in scope that still had a simple concept.
  6. Cape Fear
    Scorcese makes a more relentless morality film than J. lee Thompson did.
  7. Insomnia
    Better than the original IMO and one of Nolan's best non-Batman films!
  8. 3:10 to Yuma
    The original is good, but kind of by the numbers. The remake is like a gangster film in a western.