Ways my stomach is affecting my brain

As documented previously, I've been having stomach problems and it's affecting me on and off stage. Here are some highlights.
  1. Forgetting set ups or punchlines or details.
    I've been hyper aware of it now, so it's been easier, but the first two weeks of this problem, I was all over the place during sets. If they went well, it took every fiber of my being. Even then, I was off a beat or two.
  2. Reading this and remembering them out of order.
    Dyslexia, pretty much.
  3. Conversations are a bit spacey
    I forget to ask certain questions or answer very shorthanded, even more so than I usually would.
  4. Forgetting things
    I have walked out the door and had to turn around to grab a thing or two.
  5. At one point, I walked towards the door, thinking I was ready to go, only to realize I wasn't wearing a shirt.
  6. And the newest one, my favorite, was today: putting on my boxers backward.