Weird Social Media Trends

Some of which I'm guilty of
  1. Posting pics of polaroids.
    A picture of a picture. I've been guilty of it too, but it's still weird/dumb. Nostalgia in the digital age is interesting.
  2. Retweeting yourself and also deleting @ replies so you have a "clean timeline" on Twitter.
    Guilty of the former, never of the latter.
  3. The "you're welcome" revolution: posting that phrase without a thank you.
    It's equal parts irony and silly, but also nauseating.
  4. Making an announcement that you're taking a hiatus from one of your social media communities
    Suggested by   @mallofamanda
  5. Posting videos/memes with the caption "who did this"—ironic given everyone's tendency to steal/repost someone's original content without crediting them
    Suggested by   @llamaface