What you watched and the antidote

  1. Making a Murderer
    OJ: Made in America/Amanda Knox -Both much more compelling and they let the expository become the persuasive. Making a Murderer more of a manipulative agenda.
  2. Blackfish
    The Cove - PS: Blackfish is an important doc, but at a certain point starts spinning its wheels
  3. The Birth of a Nation
    12 Years a Slave/Atlanta - both focus on the art as much as the story. I included Atlanta because like Nate Parker, Donald Glover wears a lot of above the line hats, but it feels less calculated and less vanity-oriented. (Also, I have a lot of mixed feelings about "Birth" it's not entirely a miss, but this is not a good movie)
  4. Stranger Things
    Donnie Darko/Anything from the 80s that influenced this soulless appropriation project
  5. The Witch
    It Follows or The Babadook. The Witch is too concerned with veracity and impressed with its own style, that by the time it got interesting, there was only 15 mins left and it doesn't matter.