1. Indistinguishable groups of white gay guys on Fire Island, Provincetown or West Hollywood posted across social media
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  2. Guys who use hookup apps "to look for a gym buddy" even though all you can see is their pubes and they're on an app DESIGNED FOR HOOKING UP
  3. Guys who use hookup apps but insist they're "looking for a reason to delete this app," like you're the potential game changer FOR THEM
  4. Guys who say "Impress me," like they're Eddie Murphy in the "Remember the Time" video (the one where Michael Jackson turns into sand)
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  5. Gay "life coaches" who are literally 24
  6. An open aversion to Asian and Black men that guys don't seem to realize is DEEPLY OFFENSIVE
  7. Guys who post shirtless pics of themselves at the beach to make themselves seem "spiritual"
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  8. Guys who post a gratuitous picture directly before/after posting pictures with a neice/nephew
  9. Guys who post pictures with a neice or nephew directly before/after posting gratuitous pics
  10. Gay guys who brand their relationships 😂
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  11. Gay guys who ONLY communicate through gifs of Black Real Housewives, Mean Girls, or The Devil Wears Prada
  12. Porn stars and escorts who superimposes inspirational quotes over pictures of his face directly following video of HIS BUTTHOLE GETTING WAXED http://bit.ly/1LlvVSE