What WAS it??? It was a daytime talk show for adults...but, really, for kids? But, also, for gay people??? What WAS it??? And why do I know all of this???
  1. Rosie was obsessed with kids. OBSESSED!!!
  2. Rosie was also obsessed with Tom Cruise. And Barbra Streisand??? Huh??? Those are not similar things.
  3. Eventually, she desexualized her "crush" by saying "I just want him to mow my lawn!"
  4. She used to chat via satellite with Fran Drescher's parents in Florida???
  5. They gave out Ho-Ho's and milk to the audience??? EVERY DAY???
  6. Whenever "piano man John McD" talked about his social life, it was pretty much just about him "and the dogs" 😭😭😭
  7. Once, I think Carol Channing did a man-on-the-street video package? Unless I dreamt it???
  8. Mike Myers' mother-in-law was on as a guest ALL THE TIME
  9. Linda Evangelista's super-gay brother did her hair and he turned into a "recurring character"
  10. She had a nervous breakdown after Columbine
  11. She got into a heated argument about gun control with Tom Selleck DAYS AFTER COLUMBINE
  12. Gloria Estefan sometimes filled in for Rosie because they're neighbors in Miami or something
  13. Rosie led a public outcry against Whitney Houston after she cancelled last minute
  14. Whitney was almost definitely SUPER high when she came on to "apologize"
  15. She was really into shitty crafts???
  16. She never wanted her kids photographed (until she started clogging up her Instagram feed with NOTHING BUT PICTURES OF HER CHILDREN)
  17. She was labeled "The Queen of Nice," in spite of its widely being known that she was very, VERY difficult
  18. I'm pretty sure she never wore anything but pantsuits. Not positive but pretty sure. And sometimes she wore fleece vests.
  19. Rosie would sing parody songs into camera, which seemed to work in the 90s (or maybe I was just a dumb kid)
  20. Howard Stern called her "Pumpkinhead" for a long time because he felt she was being disingenuous to her audience
  21. They had to turn the entire set around because Barbra Streisand demanded to be shown on her good side or whatever 🌟divas🌟 do I don't even know
  22. She used a soundboard to punctuate her obsession with Tom Cruise....with the title song from Tommy: The Musical
  23. Rosie did that white person thing where the only way she'd reference hip hop was by crossing her arms and saying "yo yo yo!"
  24. She got a $100,000,000 contract
  25. She earned a TON of money for charity when Scope made fun of her breath or something, and Listerine countered by donating $1,000 every time Rosie kissed somebody
  26. She ended the show by launching KOOSH BALLS into the audience
  27. There was a Rosie doll that giggled and said "You're a cutie patootie!" when you pulled the string.
  28. Sometimes Elmo would co-host
  29. She and Ellen Degeneres did a bit where they talked about each other being "Lebanese"
  30. She shaved her head after the show ended and produced Boy George's Broadway show which bombed
  31. Everyone forgot that Rosie was The Queen of Nice by the time she got to The View and got in public spats with Kelly Ripa and Donald Trump. It was like "QUEEN OF WHAT???" She ended up leaving The View the first time because they did a split-screen when she accused Elisabeth Hasselbeck of saying Rosie wasn't a patriot or something
  32. She doodled devil horns onto a framed picture of Elisabeth when she left the studio for the last time 👿
  33. She thinks 9/11 was an inside job