In 2006, Mike Judge predicted that reality TV would turn us all into dumb dregs. But, really, it was Jesus and Buzzfeed.
  1. Robert Durst put human body parts into suitcases, threw them into a lake, and a jury was like "Cool cool cool."
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  2. "President Trump," which means his running mate could literally be Jeff Probst or the entire Shark Tank. DONALD TRUMP HOSTS A TV GAME SHOW!
  3. A baker told two guys that she didn't want to make them a cake because religion???
  4. Kylie Jenner has the #1 app but I don't know what she does? Does she even have a sex tape?
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  5. Even though The View is almost 20 years old, suddenly everyone hosts a carbon copy of the show that's just called The [something]
  6. Kim Davis crying while "Eye of the Tiger" plays
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  7. MEN IN POWER, all of whom rose to power and prominence years after gestating inside a woman, feel entitled to tell women what to do with THEIR vaginas. And they've never even met these women. Or had a vagina of their own!
  8. Married people get REALLY mad when some nice people they don't know want to get married, too
  9. It Happened To Me on XOjane
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  10. Everyone is OUTRAGED! ALL THE TIME! (...on Facebook)
  11. Paula Deen or Madonna???
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  12. George Zimmerman is alive and on Twitter and Trayvon Martin is not alive (and also not on Twitter)
  13. Songs about butts are VERY popular
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  14. When people say that Barack Obama is a closeted Muslim, they're pretty much mostly mad about the idea that he's Muslim.
  15. BuzzFeed is worth $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS pretty much entirely because of Saved by the Bell
  16. People are literally saying "I want to pay money to see a movie with Kevin James." A lot of people.
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  17. Police are just killing Black people. They're just shooting guns at Black people!
  18. Tyler Oakley is the President of kids, I think?
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