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  1. Is that a person or a tree?!
  2. has everyone who is going to run this red light gone so i (green light) can go?
  3. oh, you found your signal. way to go, dumbass
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okay, Betty wasn't winning any mother of the year awards (omg, that Thanksgiving episode) or anything, but she had some pretty standout moments throughout Mad Men's run. spoilers if you have not completed the series.
  1. Betty shoots her neighbor's birds.
    Her blonde hair perfectly coiffed, cigarette dangling from her mouth, Betty is the epitome of a housewife unhinged. It's one of those first, rare moments where you're like,"Hell yeah, Betty!"
  2. Betty slaps Helen Bishop. In the middle of the grocery store. In the middle of a busy day.
    I think these moments are her finest in that she shows her cracks. While she gives the outward appearance of being put together, these moments remind us that she doesn't have it all together.
  3. Betty learns about Dick Whitman.
    Betty is understandably upset that Don kept his true identity from her. She doesn't know who he is and does she love who he really is? No. It's one of those moments I was rooting for Betty for finally getting away from Don and his infidelity, but my heart also broke for Don. In his twisted way, he did love her.
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a wedding tomorrow. some shots i do not want
  1. Excessive Photoshopping
    I mean, what? What is occurring here?
  2. Over/Under exposure
    🤔 I don't even know
  3. No guns
    I mean, please.
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  1. I overthink
  2. I'm a big fan of pen and paper
    seriously, I collect both pens and notebooks
  3. I remember at the last moment
    I list when I can't sleep. I scroll endlessly through articles until I'm sleepy, but remember li.st when I'm falling asleep
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inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. Hello, folks. My name is Elis.
    That's like Elise or Elyse. Without the "e" at the end. I confuse a lot of folks.
  2. This is my face:
    it's scary, I know.
  3. This is my fiancé:
    his name is Matt.
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  1. ideas created in one medium and updated into easier technology, still use old technology to draft.
    wordy, I know, but what if i were to use a notebook to write my lists for this app. isn't that counterintuitive? the app makes it so I don't have to use paper, but it's difficult when you have a blank list in front of you. also, at the bookstore, we sold a journal to write down your tweets. seriously. idk if to draft or save the "good" ones, but it was weird/pointless.
  2. Everyone is crazy around the full moon.
    I don't know. I haven't done any scientific research with a control or anything like that, but things are noticeably stranger around new and full moons. Call me hippy dippy, I don't care. I'm just sayin'...
  3. My cat is part dog
    I'm kidding with this one, but the little goofball does wait by the door when j get home, as well as follows me until i am sitting still. then, she can sleep.
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  1. i use list app usually when I can't sleep
  2. I like pen and paper lists
    I'm old fashioned
  3. my apps aren't interesting
    they're more for my mental enjoyment
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  1. this kid 😍
  2. Medusa hoop ❤️
  3. Hooping at the flowmie's
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my personal opinion on order of songs from least favorite to most favorite of Grimes' most recent album, Art Angels.
  1. Life in the Vivid Dream
  2. Laughing and Not Being Normal
  3. Scream (Ft Aristophanes)
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learn how to accept that you won't be a viral sensation
  1. start posting what you want to post
    you'll notice that after a while, everything starts to look the same, especially on instagram. create your own visuals, words, presence. it's a lot easier.
  2. hashtag or not, do you.
    i see people whining about paragraphs of hashtags. i see people hashtag every. other. word. i see others doing whatever the fuck they want. follow suit- do whatever the fuck you want.
  3. never look at follower count
    do people like what you've created as your authentic self? only friends with your family? who gives a shit? continue doing you with the added bonus that you don't have to stick to a certain aesthetic.