1. ideas created in one medium and updated into easier technology, still use old technology to draft.
    wordy, I know, but what if i were to use a notebook to write my lists for this app. isn't that counterintuitive? the app makes it so I don't have to use paper, but it's difficult when you have a blank list in front of you. also, at the bookstore, we sold a journal to write down your tweets. seriously. idk if to draft or save the "good" ones, but it was weird/pointless.
  2. Everyone is crazy around the full moon.
    I don't know. I haven't done any scientific research with a control or anything like that, but things are noticeably stranger around new and full moons. Call me hippy dippy, I don't care. I'm just sayin'...
  3. My cat is part dog
    I'm kidding with this one, but the little goofball does wait by the door when j get home, as well as follows me until i am sitting still. then, she can sleep.
  4. Investigation Discovery
    I mean, considering there's now an IDCon, I don't think I'm truly the only person into ID, but one of the few willing to talk openly about it.
  5. Words I didn't know to describe myself
    eg: bibliotaph