i've had very few as i have this fear that no one would show up to them. most have been organized by others or were when i was a kid and had no real choice.
  1. 2nd Birthday
    only because it was video recorded and we watched it many times. it was chuck e cheese. i wore a white dress with black polka dots, red shoes, and my poofy curls in a high little ponytail. my cake had big bird.
  2. 5th Birthday
    another one that was video recorded. i got a plastic little tykes playhouse. i loved that thing! i was in such shock. my bff at the time and i now had the same house! i was ecstatic! my cake was little mermaid themed.
  3. 13th Birthday
    i was very emo and remember crying on this birthday. it was gloomy and i was moody, blasting some sort of emo on my discman. my bff at the time spent the night and we went to the movies the next day.
  4. 16th Birthday
    i had a sleepover, got eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and a bunch of john hughes films as gifts, and had a great time. pizza was had. pizza is usually had for my birthday. ❤️🍕
  5. 17th Birthday
    i thought that after my cross country meet, i was just going to have dinner with my family. nope! i was surprised by my family AND friends. we went to a haunted house and it was a great time, of course. pizza had by all, of course.
  6. 21st Birthday
    it was on a monday. it was at a bowling alley. they had $2 long islands. I didn't feel them until i stood up. oh boy. I remember everything, I didn't have a hangover. i had tasty tasty pizza before meeting a handful of folks. an argument broke out amongst friends. it was just a night to remember.
  7. 26th Birthday
    i have never felt more love in my life! it was one of my largest gatherings as an adult and it was for little old me. the fear has gone away.