not necessarily shows that premiered in 2015, but those I enjoy watching this year. (worst description ever)
  1. you're the worst
    aya cash. aya cash. like, need i say more? oh, and keather donohue. they're so wonderful. they're not the worst —they're the best! (see what i did there?)
  2. portlandia
    i'm so on the late show with this one. i binged the shit out of it while i was going through a funk. it was the perfect medicine.
  3. last man on earth
    ah, will forte. ah, kristen schaal. ah, everybody on the show. seriously. i love it. tandy is ridiculous. carol is absurd, yet adorable. january jones isn't betty draper, and it all works! ten stars, a plus plus.
  4. broad city
    on a whim, i watched the premiere of this show and have been hooked since. i can't get enough of abbi and ilana's co-dependent relationship, as well as their hilarious individual personalities.
  5. silicon valley
    this showwwww. ok, with season one's finale, the guys were attempting to figure out how long it would take to jerk off everyone in the audience. i knew this show was an insane level of hilarity. taught me how to SWOT.
  6. the league
    fxx is a channel i watch maybe too much, but with reruns of the league, and now the final season, I must say i'm surprised by how much i enjoy a show that talks about a sport i couldn't care less about.
  7. documentary now
    i was hooked from sandy passage on. i don't think i stopped laughing that entire first half hour. fred armisen and bill hader should play ladies more.
  8. bob's burgers
    tinaaaaaaa. tina belcher is the best. the punny burgers are the best. the fact that my fiancé and i could easily play bob and linda is the best. oh, and the hotline bling video w/bob's burgers is faaaaaantastic/THE best.
  9. last week tonight
    john oliver created his own church (our lady of perpetual exemption, praise be, praise be) just to prove how ridiculously easy it was and how little regulation there is regarding what constitutes a church. he went to moscow to interview edward snowden and was watched by the kgb. he constantly tests our geography knowledge. this show is a must for comedy AND news.