😎📲 a list of random
  1. not a weird photo, but one i saw and sent to my fiancé with the caption,"THEY WERE IN MADISON AND WE WERE NOT!"
  2. an interesting take on why one takes photographs
  3. i was watching true crime tv with Siri, apparently. she's a murderous one.
  4. it's never a good sign if you're told to keep extra food and water in your car "just in case."
  5. tie-dyed black kitty tee. i needs it.
  6. essentially what my ex-boss looks like, but with less hair.
  7. ew.
  8. oh man. usually what happens is i see something i need to show my fiancé, but he's not there so i screenshot it and send along.
  9. neko atsume. kitties.