1. strangers invading my personal bubble
    if i know you a tiny bit, it's likely you can stand super close to me. i'd let you sit on my lap if the situation called for it. but as soon as a stranger enters my personal space, my skin crawls. i wanna run away. the entire time, all i can think is,"nope! nope! nope!"
  2. awkward tv/movie moments
    there are lots of michael scott and other characters that can genuinely make me physically uncomfortable. as the viewer, we tend to know where something is going, so when things get weird, it can get difficult to watch.
  3. being the center of attention
    this is funny because in adolescence, i did a handful of plays. i ran cross country. i did a lot of things that required some attention on me, but i don't like feeling as though everyone is looking at me, waiting for me to do or say something.
  4. holding up a line
    i'm not necessarily holding up a line— i'm just a customer. but as soon as I hear your weight shift and an exasperated sigh as if i'm moving slower than molasses, i become flustered. i'm taking too long, suddenly, and everybody is judging me. this is probably just because if my general anxiety disorder, but boy, it's uncomfortable!
  5. metal scraping
    fork on a plate, metal on metal– the high pitched squeal sets my teeth on edge.
  6. screaming children
    in this situation, i feel caught between a rock and a hard place. on one hand, a kid is a kid and will scream. it happens. at the same time, that high pitch! ahhhhh!!!
  7. small talk
    small talk is the worrrrrst! small talk is what you do with people you don't know very well and i tend to quickly run out of things to say. then our time is spent in awkward silence or one of us finds a reason to walk away (if we can). either way, I avoid it.
  8. only knowing the host of a party
    because if you only know the host, you have to do the thing above that makes me uncomfortable and ahhhhhhh! whyyyyy???
  9. trying to get the bartender's attention
    I don't want to be a dick, but I also want my drink. hey, you walked up after me! but you're far more aggressive. yeesh. my bad.