1. Why is you white? -K, age 5
  2. What are your thoughts on global warming? -B, age 7
  3. If I put an apple seed in a toilet, will a tree grow? Then could I get an apple every time I went to the bathroom? -J, age 11
  4. I don't want to sit by the girls, what am I going to talk to them about, glitter? -D, age 13
  5. Are you sick? Then what's wrong with your face? -J, age 6
  6. This puberty thing, when will I stop being so emotional? -K, age 11
  7. Was Helen Keller a slave? -L, age 11
  8. Did they put leukemia INSIDE the atom bomb? -R, age 11
  9. Why does this apple juice taste like beer? -D, age 5
  10. Is you magic? -L, age 6
  11. Can you hold my weave while I go to the bathroom? -D, age 5
  12. Will you paint my face so I look like a cookie? -D, age 6