My year on Tinder in Baton Rouge, and why I'm still single: explained through screenshots.

If you want to know what dating is like in BR in your late twenties, see below. This might be the reason people marry young here.
  1. Here is the beginning of the hundreds of dead animals I saw on a daily basis...
  2. The animals come in all varieties.
  3. As do the hats and camo.
  4. The facial hair...
  5. Cleaning video games? Sign me up.
  6. Southerner Latinas, a rare breed.
  7. The pick up lines.
  8. The confederate flags.
  9. "Anything that involves doing something" What varied interests!
  10. Mmmmmmmm
  11. This was actually a winner.
  12. White boyz
  13. They all love trump. And they all live with their mothers..
  14. Desperation, defined.
  15. There are no words.
  16. "35"
  17. "Littleguy"
  18. I'm not trying to third wheel...
  19. 10/10
  21. I swear to god his caption says "big dick nick"
  22. That tat
  23. The type of opening lines you can expect
  24. The epitome of profile pictures
  25. I in joy that too
  26. 😒
  27. Some could say he's straightforward
  28. Oh, now I'm attracted to you
  29. "I don't feel sorry for the less fortunate"