The 9 foods that make it possible to be Paleo

People hate on Paleo all the time. How can you feel full without carbs? How can you feel like a whole person without cheese? I feel ya, but if you know how to do it right it's decently sustainable. People are always asking me how I survive, so I made a list 💁🏻 For newbies, here are the top foods that will keep your belly full & happy:
  1. Sweet Potatoes
    I think I'm in a relationship with them, we see each other daily and the feeling is mutual.
  2. Apples & Justin's Almond Butter
    Fill me up, buttercup.
  3. Bacon
    Part of the weekly haul. This is really shopping trip of mine. Meat for one 🙋🏻
  4. Protein Shakes
    6 am, daily.
  5. Plantain Chips & Guac
    TJ's greatest gift to me.
  6. Coconut Chicken with Honey Mustard
    Adults can eat chicken fingers daily too! Well as long as you spend 6 hours doing meal prep on a Sunday.
  7. Turkey Bacon Burgers
    Yes this is good for you. I'm shocked too.
  8. Sweet potato almond brownies
    Brownies for breakfast 😍
  9. RX Bars
    You'll never go back to any other bar and that's a promise.
  10. You're welcome!