Any time it's time to play "Two-Truths-and-a-Lie" I clam up and think, "Oh wow, I have no remarkable truths!" So, I made this list for the next time that happens and I have them at the ready!
  1. I'm 1/4 Mexican
    But I look so very white.
  2. I once judged a children's beauty pageant
    In rural Arkansas, no less
  3. I've been in 11 car accidents, many caused by me.
  4. I accidentally got an Africana studies minor in college just by taking classes I was interested in.
    Humble brag ~2 majors 3 minors~
  5. I can deadlift 295 pounds
  6. I once convinced Home Depot that they didn't close my paint tight enough so they payed me $2000 to get my car "cleaned" after a spill.
    My father calls me an "aggressive consumer"
  7. My flight was once cancelled so I drove overnight from Atlanta to Memphis with 5 TV sports reporters.
  8. I had an ulcer at age 27, like I'm stressed or something 🙄
  9. In Boston I got addicted to tinder and challenged myself to get over 1,500 matches, and I did
  10. My great-grandfather was the first ever Irish principal in Dorchester, the city where I currently teach.
  11. I have tickets to see Hamilton in Boston next year
    I'm almost jealous of myself